A HUGE thank you to all the Canadian Developers who signed up and participated in the Great Canadian Apportunity Competition this year! Windows Phone 7 is a great new platform and we were so impressed with how everyone embraced its unique design and capabilities.

Our team of judges reviewed the submissions and are happy to announce our grand prize winners… cfd trading platform


Pool Plus Friends by iCODE Light

Pool Plus Friends is a live, multi-player pool game implemented with Windows Azure cloud services and Push notifications.

Pages utilize Panorama and Pivot controls to create a horizontal “flowing hub”, so users can quickly review updates and navigate to relevant tasks. Space is optimized by relying on the hardware back-button and the docking Application Bar, leaving room for large, easily-clicked chrome-free buttons. Raw-notification APIs are used to create an instant, live multi-player experience between online players. Users can also play in a longer turn-based style and have Toast or Tile notifications alert them as other players’ turns are received. Pool Plus Friends allows users to create a “friend list” of other players and then invite those friends to games. A sociable player may have several games with friends running at any one time cfd trading platform in Qatar.

On the server side, Pool Plus Friends uses Windows Azure web roles and Azure tables and blobs, with a WCF endpoint for clients. Queues & worker roles help maintain basic functions, process notifications, and perform data reporting. An additional worker role is allocated to an automated server-side robot which ensures there is always at least one player and hosted table available for people to join.




Own This World by BNID

Own This World plays like a real life game of RISK. The world is split into territories. Each territory has a leader based on the amount of troops a user has. A user has to physically be in a territory to gain troops. The longer the user is in a territory, the more troops they can gain. Users can attack other users in the territory they are in. Attacks would come at a cost (gold, manpower, food & supplies) which are gained by the amount of territories you are in best cfd trading platform.




On The Spot by johnathanco

On The Spot is an application that provides information of interest based on your current location.

Need some money? Low on gas? Hungry? On The Spot can help you. It will locates point of interest such as “Banks”, “Gas Station” and “Restaurants” and provides detail information such address (with maps and itineraries), phone numbers and distance and bearing relative to your current position such that you will have no problem getting what you want. With the ability to customize your search, no matter where you are and what you want, there is a spot for you




While the Great Canadian Apportunity Competition is ending, the Windows Phone 7 Developer community in Canada continues to grow. Interested in connecting with other WP7 Devs? Want to stay up to date on the lates WP7 annoucements and news?




If you have any questions or need assistance as you’re building your apps, email us at CDNWP7@microsoft.com


Congratulations Once Again to our Winner!!

WARR is a world domination strategy game where you battle opponents to takeover the world. It includes War Cards, Continent bonuses,territories and more while challenging AI keeps you entertained and coming back for more.

Key Features of WARR include:
– User-Friendly Interface
– Automatic Save Support
– Multiple Difficulty Levels
– Multiple types of Bots
– 6 Player Game Support

Marketplace ID: 485d70e4-f66f-e011-81d2-78e7d1fa76f8

The opening screen has a list of stored ScorePad. Open an existing ScorePad or create a new one.

The ScorePad creation screen will allow you to add up to 6 players and then start your game.

The ScorePad will not only keep score, but show you who is winning, who has the top single hand score, as well as showing you the average hand scores for each player.

Once you have finished the game, you can save or discard your ScorePad. You can even send the final scores via Text!

Marketplace ID: 288fcbdf-2d6d-e011-81d2-78e7d1fa76f8

The user is presented with a simple black screen with a glowing blue button in the center of their phone.

If the user taps and holds, a menu appears and the user can change the color of the light. Choices are White, Blue, Red, Green. There are also options for Red and Blue flashing lights (fool your friends) and a great Strobe Light option!!!

Marketplace ID: 4acf7c7c-d060-e011-81d2-78e7d1fa76f8

DECIMATION X2 is the thrilling sequel to one of the most popular (#1 rated in Japan) 2D intense-retro shooters on Xbox LIVE Indie Games, featuring insane firepower and incremental defenses from a continually raining stream of power-ups. A classic 2D gallery shooter set in fast paced, arcade action, with pixelated, retro style graphics, and a dazzling array of sparks and particles. Intuitive controls via a single finger, allowing swift movement for precise dodging of bullet rain, and firing only when desired to save your shields. Decimation X2 immediately jumps into arcade gameplay for instant gratification. Runs internally at 60 frames per second for ultra precise gameplay and pixel-perfect collision detection. From the creators of DUALITY ZF (coming soon to XBLA) and SCORE RUSH (a bullet hell shooter, Xbox LIVE Indie Games hit), played to a trance and break beat soundtrack from Imphenzia. Follows the “Empower the Player” philosophy from Xona Games, proven by two-time Dream Build Play finalist, DUALITY ZF, which makes gameplay the #1 priority. This means Decimation X2 provides a true arcade gaming experience: the touch screen input is optimized to give you as much power in your hands as possible, for ultimate control, gameplay, and satisfaction. http://decimationx.com

A quick access list of Martha blogs which permits one click access to the blog of your choice, and opens the rss feed item of your choice in a new browser.

Run from one coloured area to another as fast as you can. Be aware of your opponents, they’re armed and dangerous!

This application replaces the need to access the church website (http://www.berea.ca). It provides schedules for main events and other church information. It gives access to the sermon audio via streaming audio so that sermons can be listed to on the go.

The information presented will be live information from the web but formatted for a mobile interface. The interface will be easy to use and the application will take advantage of the Windows Phone 7 features like:
- Web Browser if further details need to be checked from the church website, church facebook or application creator’s website.
- Email for sending prayer requests, make general inquires or discuss website related matters.
- Phone to call the church
- Maps to find the church
- MediaPlayer to play the streaming audio

A handy tool which is ideal for automotive use, esp. 4×4 off-road adventures. It works in both portrait and landscape modes. The tool measures slope (or tilt) and elevation (or depression) with respect to gravity. A clinometer is also known as a tilt meter, inclinometer or pitch & roll indicator.

Chose your character, tilt to keep your balance and shake to jump over obstacles or to avoid projectiles!